The Mission of the AFLASA is to provide:


- Provide individual and group tutorial between the hours of 3-6 p.m.


- Integrated software programs to help increase math and ELA learning


- Homework assistance

- College application information and resources

- Professionals, teaching and mentoring youth


- Utilizing the newest technology and training


- Life skills training through sports and mentoring

- Hall of Fame speakers and mentors


- College Prep Writing Class




- Dynamic speakers

Board Members that have been here to serve


Due to the great effort and commitment of the AFL Board, we have been able to provide the most dynamic after school and life skills camp in Southern California.


We thank board members, Greg Bell, Deborah Robertson, Dr. Margaret Hill, Barbara McGee, Elvin Momon (not pictured) and the Late Co-Founder, Ron King.

A Word from the President


I am delighted you have visited the Athletes for Life (AFL) website to see, hear and read about the exciting things we are doing in the world.


Our focus over the past 30 years has been providing educational services, mentorship, and guidance to more than 40,000 youth throughout Southern California. With our after-school programs, we are preparing college prep and college-ready students, with the assistance of Nat Geo and Revolution K12 online studies, students now have solutions to problems at their fingertips. 


In 2018, we will be introducing the world to our PASS program. Here, I've made our athletes available to speak to corporations, schools, and organizations that are starving and empowering themselves to reach their goals and dreams. And launching summer 2019, the PASS Leadership Curriculum, here we continue to impact individuals in the same manner as our after-school programs and life skills camps have done over the past 14 years, but now on a daily basis within a school system.


Thank you in advance for your support of AFL. Please contact AFL at 888-675-8884 to schedule the PASS program at your school, church, or corporate office.


Sincerely, Greg Bell


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Athletic Wisdom for Students


"Greg was a mentor to me in college and he still is today"

Allen Pinkett, voice of ND football

"Greg is a true leader who does a terrific job helping young athletes see the bigger picture of life."

Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner

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Here's what professional organizations are saying about the PASS program

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