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AFL Projects and Programs

Athletes for Life is proud to host our 3rd Annual IAM GIFTED Camps and our 23rd annual camp on the campus of CSUSB. Here, both men and women are introduced to the life skills that you can receive from the game of football and the future that might be obtained. If that wasn't enough, we have also launched the first-ever, women's flag football league for the Inland Empire. Today, football is for everyone.


We also serve as managing partners of CAPS after-school education and sports programs. Lastly, we are excited to be elected by the state of California to provide services through the California VIP and CRG grants. Our focus is stopping recidivism and helping to employ men of color.

AFL is also proud of our charitable events, our Art "n" the Bowl, and Celebrity Golf outings.


Women's Flag Football League



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Educational services and materials

Art "n" the Schools and Contest

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After-School Sports programs

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Art "n" the Bowl

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