PASS Program and Speaker Bureau


Passion Attitude Sacrifice=Success


If you are looking for a program to energize, motivate, and inspire youth, take a few minutes to learn about the PASS Leadership Program and Speaker Bureau. We have taken our summer program focus and extended it into a dynamic 10-week program that will help students become better prepared for the community challenges they will face while providing them with self-starter skills that will help them make better, more intelligent decisions.


Target Student Demographics

The PASS Leadership Program is ideal for students attending zero (Athletic study hall) or 7th period along with students attending an after-school program. The program has been designed to serve as an enhancement to the core subject matter classes without adding additional take-home assignments.


Program Benefits

The PASS program has benefits that can strengthen students in several areas including academics, self-awareness, confidence, and leadership.  It also builds comradery among student groups such as athletic teams, clubs, and organizations. Those benefits include the following:


  • Develop and increase oral communication skills

  • Increase leadership skills including proper decision making

  • Increase critical thinking skills

  • Increase academic achievement

  • Decrease attendance/disciplinary issues

  • Decrease suspensions and expulsions


Academics of PASS Program

Students enrolled in classes where the PASS program is used to complete assignments that will tie into basic academic skills. Additionally, they will complete lessons that are project-based.  The program has lessons that use all major learning styles.  Students are also presenting in front of their peers in order to develop their presentation skills. The skills learned in the PASS Program are easily transferable into the core academic classroom. The PASS program includes a pre and post-assessment. These provide student-level data for the class instructor along with allowing students to see how much they have grown.

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