Our Mission //


Our mission is to nurture the development of both mental and physical skills while providing a strong message on living alcohol and drug-free. This is provided through the Athletes for Life After-School Academy (AFLASA) which provides a safe and secure environment between the hours of 3-6 p.m. AFLASA helps students improve their Math and English Language Arts while providing life skills enrichment. The program also provides information and resources to prepare students for college and beyond. 


This is accomplished by:


- Providing individual and small group tutoring

- Software programs for student use which focus on math and ELA skills based upon initial and benchmark

- Engaging activities for students
- SAT/ACT prep


- College application information and resources

- Life skills activities

- Homework assistance


AFL's belief is that by helping teens establish a strong self-image and sense of character, it will aid them in handling many social and personal issues that will arise throughout their lives. We are confident they will become leaders amongst their peers and be able to help others handle the perils of peer pressure. By providing them with true-life skills, we can support them in becoming productive members of our society. While attending an AFLASA, youth learn these life skills through one on one contact and our enrichment programs. Whether a child aspires to become an auto mechanic, an astronaut, or entertainer, he or she needs guidance, support, and the proper tools to make their dreams come true.


AFL leads by example, demonstrating that success comes by completing higher education goals and remaining drug-free. At AFL the choice is, "Yes to Life".

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